Dmitri Makarov
Skype: dmakarov
GNU Compiler Internals.
C, C++, D, and OpenCL programming.
Shader programming and development of Cg compiler.
Programming language CLOP design and implementation.
Performance analysis and OpenCL workloads characterization.
Development of a stand-alone debugger for Jikes RVM (Java, Swing).
Scripting Languages: Python, Bash.
Tools: Git, Mercurial, Jenkins CIS, Emacs, LaTeX.
Ericsson, SPIDER SW & TOOLS San Jose, CA [07/2010 - 09/2011]
Software Engineer
Porting GCC and GNU devtools to Spider Architecture
- contributed to the Ericsson Network Processor backend implementation.
AMD, StreamCompute Sunnyvale, CA [01/2008 - 09/2009]
MTS Software Development Engineer
Development of AMD stream computing platform
- contributed to the OpenCL LLVM-based compiler and run-time implementation.
Sony Computer Entertainment, R&D Foster City, CA [02/2002 - 01/2008]
Staff Compiler Engineer
Development of Cg compiler targeted to RSX
- ported Cg compiler to Cell/GameOS run-time environment,
- implemented Cg language extensions and RSX code optimizations.
Porting GCC and GNU devtools to Cell
- contributed to the Cell SPU backend implementation.
Wind River Systems, Core Tools Group Alameda, CA [10/1997 - 02/2002]
Senior Compiler Engineer
Development of Wind River's GCC based toolchain
- contributed improvements to the xScale and MIPS16 toolchain ports.
IBM, Compiler Technology Group Haifa, Israel [01/1995 - 05/1997]
Compiler Engineer
Compiler optimizations research and development
- implemented GCC branch optimizations for PowerPC 604 based systems,
- contributed to the implementation of GCC Haifa instruction scheduler,
- contributed to the implementation of Feedback Directed Program Restructuring optimizer.
Università della Svizzera italiana Lugano, Switzerland [09/2011 - present]
Ph.D. in Informatics
Stanford University Stanford, CA [09/2008 - 06/2010]
M.S. in Electrical Engineering
Technion (Israel Institute of Technology) Haifa, Israel [09/1992 - 06/1996]
B.A. in Computer Science (cum laude)
U.S. citizen